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Solving Problems

We all love our dogs, but sometimes they develop undesirable behaviours. Living with a fearful or aggressive dog who snaps, growls or barks at dogs, other people or you, can be overwhelming, and dealing with his or her undesirable behaviour may intrude into all other aspects of your life. The quiet stroll that you wanted to take with your dog turns into a military operation as you attempt to predict and manage every possible encounter. This can be extremely upsetting stressful and frustrating, and can damage that precious relationship between owner and dog.


Problem behaviours I cover:

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  • Aggressive behaviour towards people (both on and off lead).
  • Aggressive behaviour towards dogs (both on and off lead).
  • Fearfulness or nervousness.
  • Fear of loud noises.
  • Excessive chewing.
  • Toilet training.
  • Separation anxiety and isolation distress.
  • Chasing cyclists, joggers or traffic.
  • Guarding behaviour (toys, people, food).
  • Inappropriate play and mouthing.
  • Excessive barking.



I will teach you how your dog thinks, and using the most effective and up-to date scientifically proven techniques, will put together a behaviour modification plan that will hopefully set your dog on the path to changing his or her emotional state from negative to positive. It is important to stress however that there are no quick fixes and no magic wands. Any change in behaviour will take time, patience and commitment from you. We can only go at your dog’s pace, but I will be on hand to support and guide you.


How does it work?

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The first step is for you to visit your vet because we want to eliminate any possible physical causes for your dog’s behaviour or change in behaviour. Once your dog has been given the all clear, then have your vet refer you to me and we can arrange an initial consultation that will take place in your home. It is really helpful to see your dog in his or her own environment, so don’t worry that I am not observing his or her behaviour outside. Our consultation will take up to two hours and should include as many members of your family who interact with your dog on a daily basis as possible.

The consultation will include lots of questions about your life with your dog, what he/she eats, where he/ she came from (if known), exercise routines and many other things. We want to be able to paint a descriptive picture of your life with your dog. We will also discuss management strategies that will hopefully prevent your dog from practising the undesirable behaviour as well as avoiding the triggers that make them occur.

I will then create a report including a treatment plan for you to follow. This will be emailed to you so that you don’t feel that you have been bombarded with information that you can’t remember or follow. I am also available for follow up questions by email or phone. All training will be reward based and will be positive for you and your dog.

Behaviour modification is complex and is a unique process for each dog and owner.  Changes in behaviour take time and you may require some follow up sessions to evaluate your progress and review procedures.