We could not have managed without you!

Jane’s calm, positive, evidence-based approach has transformed our puppy’s behaviour – by changing how the whole family behaves towards him! She did this in various ways: by helping us to understand his behaviours – both the good and the not so good; by giving us a range of training strategies that really do work; and by giving us lots of ideas for fun things to do with our puppy, including games to play with him, scent training and other things to keep him busy to prevent unwanted behaviours.  Thank you so much Jane, you have been such a huge help to us! We could not have managed without you!


We definitely lucked out finding Jane.

We definitely lucked out finding Jane. She has an incredibly deep understanding of dog psychology and is extremely good at adapting her advice to the particular needs of you and your puppy. Dyson responded to her the moment she walked in the door and loves our sessions. With her help in just a couple of weeks we went from a pup who was scared to leave the house to a pup that is sitting ready and waiting by the front door in the morning and happily commuting with me to work. We are both looking forward to doing some more advanced training with Jane.

Kate and Dyson


We have been very happy with what we have learned

We did a lot of research on which dog we would bring home, but none on who would train him! Thankfully, Jane was recommended by our vet and we were not disappointed! Jane talked about setting Digby (our puppy) up for success, but actually it was us that she was setting up for success. We had an initial home training session with Jane and then we joined her class and have been very happy with what we have learned along the way and feel so much more confident with our lovely puppy.

Thank you Jane

Anna and family - and Digby!

Really interesting and useful

Jane was really interesting and useful. She had a lovely manner and did not make us feel like we had no idea what we are doing (even if that was the case) and gave us confidence that we can work with Dexter on all the issues and that he is a very normal dog and a bright boy!



We had considered other trainers, but knew Jane was the one for us.

As utterly clueless first time owners we were overwhelmed by the advice and information available to us. We phoned around and considered other trainers, but after speaking with Jane we knew she was the one for us. She has guided us through the training process and we feel very safe in her knowledge and understanding of how dogs think and the best way to train them.

Thank you Jane.

Sharon and Ziggy

We are utterly delighted with the results of Jane's sensitive and highly effective approach.

Jane has worked absolute wonders equipping my unruly, sensitive Cocker Spaniel puppy with a range of behavioural aids and new found confidence. From the moment we met Jane, my puppy responded brilliantly to her fantastic instruction and unparalleled insight into canine psychology. Cimarron has matured beautifully from a nervous, fluffy bundle of barking chaos and rampant chewing into a happy, calm, incredibly affectionate and obedient little buddy with Jane's expertise and beneficial work. Through the application of positive reinforcement and a system rooted in rewards and clicker work, Cimarron has learnt favourable and fundamental skills which have transformed her life. We are utterly delighted with the results of Jane's sensitive and highly effective approach for which we will be eternally grateful. 

Anouska & Cimarron

Essential for any owner who wants the best from their relationship with their dog.

This was serious fun! Serious, and fun! Also essential for any owner who wants the best from their relationship with their puppy/dog. Jane knows her stuff and shares her skills and knowledge generously. She even baked special healthy appealing treats for my pup who is, umm, very discerning shall we say.. a million thanks again Jane, see you in the advanced class! Diana & Family of Pretzel 🥨 .

Pretzel and family.

Pretzel and family.

Thank you.

Thank you for the training you've helped me with over the past weeks. You've really helped me better understand how to interact and develop Yogi and Booboo and the difference I have noticed in them already is huge as a result. I'm sure we'll be back in touch in the future for more training but thank you for everything so far.


Booboo and Yogi

Booboo and Yogi

Absolutely superb trainer!

Jane was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. She was very patient with our family, who were first time puppy owners. Jane is very approachable and super friendly. Our Cockapoo, Benji, adores Jane and has developed into a gorgeous, well behaved pup because of her help. 

Even when we’re not training Benji with Jane, she is always available to answer our questions and offer advice.  

I highly recommend training your pup with her.

Rachel and Benji

Rachel and Benji

Jane's methods work so give her a call, you won't be disappointed.

I contacted Jane following a recommendation and I couldn’t be happier with the support she has given to me and my little miniature schnauzer Ruby. Ruby has always been a slightly nervous dog outside of the home and is very reactive around other dogs. I really had no idea how to help her following a few unsuccessful training classes. Jane immediately identified her behaviour issues and set up a programme of training and support targeted to meet Ruby’s individual needs. I have gained so much from working with Jane and in understating why ruby reacts in the way she does. Jane is never judgemental and is always supportive in helping you understand an easier and more positive way to manage your dog’s behaviour. Thanks to Jane I now feel so much more in control on walks with Ruby and in dealing with challenging situations. We have both really enjoyed seeing Jane every week for our hourly sessions which are always fun and informative.  If you are looking for someone who isn’t just doing a job but really cares about the wellbeing of dogs then Jane is the person for you. Jane’s methods work so give her a call you won’t be disappointed.

Joan and Ruby



Jane is a dog whisperer and a miracle worker.


Working with Jane is a real pleasure, both for me and for my puppy Mare.   We look forward to our weekly lesson and leave each time having learned valuable skills that we will keep for life.  I've learned so much about setting Mare up to succeed and creating an environment for us both to thrive and live together harmoniously.   I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.   She is a dog whisperer, and a miracle worker.  She's so great with Mare, who, like me, is always really happy to see her.  Give yourself and your dog the ultimate gift of creating a happy future together and take lessons from Jane.  You will absolutely not regret it. 


Michele & Mare


Jane felt like our fairy godmother!

Jane may say she has no magic wand but she certainly felt like our fairy godmother! We were coming to a crisis point with our incredibly anxious dog and had seen a couple of other "experts" who had all but given up on her which was devastating. But with Jane's help we've built up both Annaki's confidence and our own in increments and all feel much happier. Jane left us with an awareness that it's a process and a long one but one we could get through! Thank you x

Thanks again! Maisie and Adam and Annaki x

Having Jane as my dog's trainer was a great decision!

My dog has only been working with Jane Robinson for a short time, but even in that time his behaviour has changed dramatically for the better.  Jane took the time to get to know him and his needs and to understand what I wanted.  She has been patient, funny and wise.  Everything she has recommended has worked well.  Having Jane as my dog's trainer was a great decision!



Our dog enjoyed every minute.

We got an immense amount out of our sessions with Jane. She’s very clear in her instructions and also in making the internal logic behind her approach understandable. Our dog enjoyed every minute of the sessions, too. We always felt buoyed up after an hour with Jane.   Our seemingly naughty little Welsh Terrier, who in the four years before we got her had only been taught not to sit, has made great strides.  She was a lovely dog already, and only becomes more of a joy as we use Jane’s methods. 

Sarah and Anna.



Our first session with Jane felt like a lifeline.

Harry had been abandoned and found in a park in north west London. He spent three months in the Mayhew rescue centre because he had a bad wound to one of his legs.  He struck me as a friendly dog. The Mayhew were very clear that they could not vouch for him behaviourally, but yes, he did appear to be friendly with people and other dogs.

My first night with him at home was chaos. I couldn’t get him to settle. He destroyed cushions. He tore a curtain. He ran around manically.

The next few days were more of the same. Jumping on the table. Knocking things off the work surface. Being sick in the car. Chewing books. Snarling aggressively at visitors. Being hugely energetic and completely unresponsive .  At the end of the first week I was on the verge of returning him. I genuinely felt I couldn’t cope.

Our first session with Jane felt like a lifeline.  We had five more.  Actually it was me being trained, not Harry. Jane showed me how to respond to him and how not to respond him. How to be clear about the behaviour that should be rewarded. Actually allowing him appropriate things to destroy. How to understand the hunting instinct of a lurcher. Looking for opportunities to let him run. Being patient about teaching him recall.

It’s now eighteen months later. I take him for a run every day in Highgate Wood. He takes off, disappears, chases squirrels. And comes back when I call.

When on the lead, the lead is always slack. He loves visitors. He is great and tolerant with children.  He is very good in pubs and public places. He sleeps brilliantly.  

He is brilliant.

Thanks Jane. 


A reassuring presence and support throughout our journey.

I found Jane through the APDT UK website and was particularly reassured by the fact that she is also a qualified behaviourist. We were thinking about adopting a rescue dog and felt a bit clueless. Neither of us had owned a dog since we were teenagers and at that point we lived in semi-rural environments - London and managing dog ownership around work commitments is a whole different kettle of fish.

 Jane ran through lots of sensible questions with us and helped establish a basic idea of what we wanted and what we could cope with. She then kept us on track throughout the search (though she’s no more immune to a cute face than the rest of us!).

 We eventually ended up with our lovely rescue Staffie, Gryff, who is an absolute joy.

Gryff is about 7-8 years old and had some idea of basic cues, so she worked with us on refining those and reinforcing positive behaviour. She also advised us on how to work up the time we left him alone for.

Jane has been a reassuring presence and support throughout our journey. 

Sarah Roberts & Marco van Beek


I don't know what we would have done without Jane:

I actually don't know what we would have done without Jane for the last 5 months. She has been with us every step of the way helping us to train and more importantly to understand our puppy. We brought home a 9 week old Leonberger and to say he was a challenge is an understatement.... frantic biting attacks, chewing, toilet training, jumping up, teething, getting attention from strangers and several other typical puppy traits which are so much more of an issue with a fast growing giant breed! Having an expert on hand to observe and explain his behaviour and how to deal with it has been invaluable. We have watched our 'unruly'(or as we now understand 'a quite easily stressed personality with a very short attention span and very low frustration tolerance') grow(ing!) in to a well mannered, well behaved, happy boy who is a pleasure to take out in public. We will definitely continue with train as we approach the teenager phase. 


Claire, Matt and Bash 





“I have had 6 training sessions with Jane and they were all amazing. Jane taught me clearly and simply how to teach my dog sit/wait/not pull on the lead and recall as well as other things. I adopted a Mastiff Cross and was especially worried that my dog needs to be polite and well behaved as many people are scared of big dogs and this breed in particular. I am continuing my training with Jane as she in such a tremendous help. The training techniques work, my dog is mentally stimulated and is having fun at the same time. As for me, I enjoy going out with my Edie and using the methods I have been taught and am delighted to see how she is daily improving.”

Daliah and Edie




I was at my wits end until I sought Jane's assistance.

At the time of writing I am now enjoying almost stress free walking and playing with Blu, a 14month old, Alsation/Lurcher mix Romanian rescue puppy. I took over Blu six months ago as he was too much for his previous owner. It was soon evident he had issues that were getting in the way of an otherwise friendly and loveable dog. He was aggressive towards other puppies and was overly excitable, boisterous and almost uncontrollable. I was at my wits end as to what to do until three months ago I sought Jane's assistance (upon several recommendations). There were immediate positive results from the start of our collaboration. I learnt an immense amount about the neglect and abuse these imported puppies have endured. His 'aggression' was in fact his way of dealing with trauma and having to survive in his environment during his early months. It is not all without problems because he's quite an imposing dog with his height and weight - especially when running around at speed. We decided to kindly introduce a muzzle to alay the fear in some dog owners. Jane's expertise and strict guidance has turned around what I thought was an impossible situation. Thank you Jane.

Blu learning an emergency stop cue.

Blu learning an emergency stop cue.


 As first-time dog owners, we were really working in the dark with our new puppy, Georgie. We found Jane Robinson’s website and made contact to arrange some one-to-one training. We can say, absolutely without condition, that Jane was marvellous. Over half a dozen sessions, she explained clearly and logically how we should guide Georgie’s behaviour, always stressing positive reinforcement and helping us see things from our dog’s point of view.

Lessons were followed up by a comprehensive e-mail summary and everything we learned made complete sense, so that we now feel we have an insight into Georgie’s thinking and behaviour that we simply would have not had without Jane. She was brilliant and we can’t recommend her highly enough.


Philip & Sybille (and Georgie!)