Probably the Best Hound in the World

Milo is a 3 year old lurcher who had been abandoned and rescued. During his first week with me he drove me to distraction, and I seriously considered giving him back.
I could tell that underneath the manic behaviour, wee-ing on the floor, upsetting aggressiveness to visitors, and destruction of soft furnishings, there was probably a good natured hound. But I needed help to get both me and Milo to connect with it.
Our first training session with Jane was basically to show that Milo could be calm, and to re-assure me. In fact in the following sessions I came to realise that it was me being taught rather than Milo being trained. I am now relaxed. And apart from adolescent energy and enthusiasm so is Milo. All visitors are now welcomed emphatically, and everyone agrees that he is probably the best hound in the world.