Set up on the path to success

I had never owned a dog before we got Molly - a golden doodle puppy. I frankly wasn't prepared for the sheer amount of work involved, and as Molly is quite a vocal, extremely enthusiastic and bouncy puppy, it was quite overwhelming. Beautiful and cute as she was to look at, her jumping up, biting and chewing and barking were also putting the three boys off, leaving me the only one who would have anything to do with her. I lay in bed at night wondering what have we done and if we should give her up. Fortunately a friend recommended Jane and she taught me how to use the clicker and reward system to train. The results were instant and remarkable. Subsequent sessions really helped to give me confidence and to feel less frustrated with the exhausting puppy behaviour. Every time we came across a new issue (lunging at bikes and joggers, barking at new objects) I would think to myself how would Jane deal with this, and set to work with the clicker and a bag of treats. I just think every new dog owner should call on Jane because she really does set you up on the path to success. The boys too have taken the training tips on board and enjoyed being with Molly now as they can see how they can get her to do as she is asked. I was stopped on the Heath recently by a woman who commented on how well-trained Molly is. I said it's all down to a fantastic trainer called Jane. We all adore this dog now and she is well and truly part of the family.  Having said that, if she pinches one more bacon butty.......

Rachel, Highgate  

Probably the Best Hound in the World

Milo is a 3 year old lurcher who had been abandoned and rescued. During his first week with me he drove me to distraction, and I seriously considered giving him back.
I could tell that underneath the manic behaviour, wee-ing on the floor, upsetting aggressiveness to visitors, and destruction of soft furnishings, there was probably a good natured hound. But I needed help to get both me and Milo to connect with it.
Our first training session with Jane was basically to show that Milo could be calm, and to re-assure me. In fact in the following sessions I came to realise that it was me being taught rather than Milo being trained. I am now relaxed. And apart from adolescent energy and enthusiasm so is Milo. All visitors are now welcomed emphatically, and everyone agrees that he is probably the best hound in the world.

Highly Recommended!

We contacted Jane because our 6 month old puppy had become reactive on the leash with strangers and other dogs. As new and inexperienced dog owners we were feeling pretty desperate and had been given poor advice elsewhere. Jane taught us techniques to reduce his stress and fear, and most importantly to help us understand dog thinking. The training techniques strengthened our relationship with our puppy and going out and about is now a pleasure. Jane was good fun & we really enjoyed the sessions. Highly recommended!

Sarah & Eva Lewin Pepper