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What is Reward Based training?
Using the psychology of positive reinforcement, your dog learns that he will be rewarded for doing what you want. Only positive and kind training methods, often with the use of a “clicker” or marker word are used.

What is clicker training?
This is a way of marking and rewarding your dog’s desirable behaviours (such as coming back to you each time you call). A widely used, modern training method, clicker training is acknowledged as an effective and enjoyable way for your dog to learn which is fast, simple and fun. To a dog, a reinforcement or reward is something nice, like a food treat or a game with a favourite toy. By using positive, reward based training, it is more likely that the good behaviour will happen again in the future. Once the behaviour is strengthened and established, we can gradually phase out the use of treats.

What do I need to start?
The most important thing you need to start with is a good lead and collar, no slip collars, choke chains or retractable leads. A simple, flat, buckle collar with a regular 3-4ft lead is ideal.

What kind of treats do I need?
Treats are used extensively throughout training. Each treat need be no larger than the nail on your little finger, regardless of how large your dog is. Small chunks of sausage, chicken or cheese work really well, but make sure you check for food allergies. A number of really good convenient treats can also be found in shops, or you can put aside a portion of your dog’s daily food ration and use this for training. Doggy Choc drops are not ideal, nor any over processed biscuits. You could even make your own treats!

Should I feed my dog before training?
Ideally, no. Try not to feed your dog immediately before training, he will be more motivated to work for his rewards if his tummy isn’t full.

Are children welcome?
Of course, your dog is part of your family, and as such the training he receives can be reinforced by as many members of your family as you like. I am very child friendly and offer valuable advice and visual hand-outs for parents with children who may be finding the new relationship between young children and puppy an unexpected challenge.

How many sessions will I need?
This is really up to you and what you wish to achieve, but before starting any program, we will go through your objectives and find out what you want from your dog or puppy. Training your dog should not be limited only to the training sessions, so the more work you put in, the quicker you will see the results. Training your dog does not have to be hard work, it should be fun and rewarding for both of you, but it does require consistency, and the more you reinforce his good behaviour the quicker your new relationship with your pet will be established.