1. Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill is entrusted to use best judgement in the training of your dog and will exercise the utmost professional care in doing so. However, due to the unpredictability of all puppies and dogs, The Client remains wholly responsible for the welfare and control of his or her puppy or dog at all times during training sessions, whether indoors or outdoors, on or off lead, and in his or her interaction with other people or dogs.

2. Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill agrees to provide the highest quality of training in a positive and professional manner at all times, and will keep the interests of your dog as an utmost priority in any work done and any training advice/recommendations given. Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill will not be held responsible for any perception by The Client that they have been given wrongful or inappropriate information or advice.

3. The client confirms that their dog is fully vaccinated*, microchipped, not in heat, has been wormed & flea treated, and is in good physical health (unless otherwise declared). *n/a for puppies for first two indoor sessions.

4. In the course of training (as opposed to specific behaviour modification plans), The Client’s dog must be non-aggressive, and The Client confirms that the dog has not previously bitten or behaved aggressively towards people or other dogs. Furthermore, The Client confirms that, if their dog has behaved in an aggressive manner in the past either towards other dogs or towards people, she or he will have disclosed this in full PRIOR TO and during any behaviour consultation, in order that Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill can use best judgement as to whether the dog is being seen on a training or behavioural basis. The client must be deemed to be in control of their dog in a private or public place. A muzzle will be recommended if the dog is a danger to the public or other dogs.

5. In the course of a training session, or in the case of advance paid block booked training, Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill reserves the right to terminate the training at any time before or during its term if, in her sole discretion, she determines The Client’s dog poses a danger to the health or safety of the trainer.

6. The Client permits Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill to contact the veterinary practice with which their dog is registered, should additional information be required to assist in the dog’s training and/or behaviour. The client also permits ongoing physical/electronic records to be held for the purpose of charting training progress. Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill confirms that no information will be passed on to third parties.

7. Clients who are paying by BACS are expected to pre-pay in full at least 48 hours before commencement of training. Clients paying by credit card, cheque or cash are expected to pay at the end of each session unless they are participating in a pre-arranged block booking in which case payment is to be completed in full before the commencement of the first session.

If a training session is cancelled by the Client, the Client will be responsible for full payment of the cancelled session. However, should cancellation be made more than 48 hours prior to a training session, and a subsequent new booking is made by another client which then fills the cancelled slot, Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill may, at her discretion, offer a replacement session. All sessions being paid by BACS are advance paid and non-refundable once booked.

8. All block booked training courses must be completed within 3 months of booking.

9. Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill reserves the right to cancel training sessions up to the point of commencement of each session due to adverse weather conditions, trainer illness or any other reason, and in the case of individual or advance paid sessions, will mutually agree with The Client alternative dates and times.

10. The Client understands that confirmation of his or her booking serves as an invoice and takes full responsibility for prompt payment for any training booked, including cancellation or no show by The Client. This agreement is made wholly between The Client and Jane Robinson of Dog on the Hill and is not transferable.

11. Working on behaviour modification takes time, commitment, consistency and patience. There are no guarantees and no cures, there are no quick fixes and no magic wands either. Implementing any training or behaviour treatment plan is the responsibility of The Client, as is their dog’s welfare and on-going behaviour. 

12. No guarantee of results: The Client recognises that the consistent role he/she plays in their dog's learning process is integral to achieving effective and desired results. The Client acknowledges and agrees that there is no guarantee that their dog will achieve the desired level of training, despite the best efforts of Jane Robinson. The Client further understands that the recommendation of any other product or service by Jane Robinson is not a guarantee of satisfaction with that product or service.