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That little bundle of fluff that you brought home is toileting everywhere, chewing, mouthing, jumping up and generally driving you and your family crazy. Don’t panic, I can help. I can offer a two hour ‘getting off to a good start’ puppy settling in session where we cover all of the above, plus a guide to socialising your puppy. We may even get around to doing some training too! For many owners this extremely popular foundation lesson provides initial, much needed and valuable advice and support before formal training starts.

Your puppy is never too young to start learning. Owners can either sign up to one to one training on an informal and occasional basis, or commit to weekly training sessions which will culminate in our ‘puppy walk’ in the park. This walk brings together all the elements on which we have worked in class. Owners find this invaluable when trouble-shooting any potential problems with other dogs and a good time to observe not only their dog, but other dogs’ communication skills.  I can be found dog training and puppy training across North London, in particular; Muswell Hill, Finchley, Crouch End, Highgate, Islington and Hampstead.


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Older dogs

Has your older dog stopped listening? Let’s get together and revisit some basic training or we could work on some advanced exercises. It’s completely up to you.