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Many owners have work and family commitments and find it hard to commit to a weekly training class. Or perhaps the thought of attending a class is just too intimidating and won’t address the individual problems you are having with your dog in your home.

Sometimes the distractions of a class situation can prove stressful to you and your dog. This is where individual home training allows for a more informative and personal breed-specific approach. When I come to you, we will work at your own pace and we can see how the dog behaves in his/her home. I can observe how you live with your dog which can be important when managing specific situations like barking at the doorbell or inappropriate toileting.


If your dog is having behavioural issues then a class will not be the right venue in which to introduce him to learning, or address his specific problems. Additionally, you may be worried that he may not succeed and could cause you embarrassment. One-to-one training is also preferable for dogs who are nervous around, or perhaps aggressive towards, other dogs and for those owners who would simply prefer the individual attention given by a trainer on an individual and breed-specifc basis. 

One to one dog training is flexible as it can be fitted into your day or evening and can address specific issues whether they be behavioural or environmental.

We can see the dog’s behaviour when he is leaving or arriving home, being walked in local streets and parks, and interacting in his regular environment.